Use cases
The Smartagent’s ability to adapt and change opens new perspectives for the general optimization of processes, the growth of efficiency in all aspects, the energy and resource management, the raise of relevant safety factors, the targeted use of available workers, and for an improved interaction between all parties involved, etc. As a multifunctional communicative interface, the Smartagent interlinks directly and constructively all available infrastructures and specialist personnel at all desired levels and reliably realizes a kind of gentle and beneficial hybridization of man and machine.

Central data acquisition
Via the Smartagent data such as resource availability can be captured directly on site. A subsequent inconvenient and time-consuming documentation becomes obsolete. Central data services (to be integrated as an option) can make this information available in no time at all for different business areas. The associated process optimization and the expected increase in efficiency are of great value for all sectors (e. g. industry, trade, gastronomy, health care, logistics, etc.).

Flexible acting and fast reacting
It is conceivable to link production and services via the Smartagent by directly linking available resources and inventories to meaningful logistical processes and distributing them in a more targeted manner. Redundancies in running processes are avoided by the continuous comparison of data.

Integration of customers and partners through more transparency
The Smartagent creates the possibility of direct communication at all levels: The customer can call the seller (e. g. via buttons installed on the shelf), the salesman can retrieve goods from the warehouse, various kinds of malfunctions (from defective reverse vending machines to the bread maker to faulty air conditioning, etc.) can be reported without any communicative detours to the right place. There are countless conceivable scenarios – also in the health care sector, especially during the day-to-day work at hospitals concerning communication between nursing staff, doctors and patients. All messages can be transmitted silently in real-time or verbally via voice message.

Security and reliability
The Smartagent is particularly precise respective persistent and can evaluate relevant information around the clock. At any time of the day or night, security-relevant systems can, for example, transmit information to the Smartagent, and, in the event of a crisis, immediately report to the necessary staff who are equipped with the Smartagent so that they can promptly intervene and avert damage. In addition, the Smartagent can also help to save costs in terms of monitoring energy management. Also conversely, the use of the Smartagent is perfectly feasible: For example, patients can be equipped with the Smartagent and can read in via the device the measured values (e. g. blood pressure, sugar values, etc.). If the defined limit values are exceeded beyond a tolerance threshold, the Smartagent automatically sets an emergency call and ensures that the patient is immediately given the necessary help – in the hospital or at home.

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